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 Let’s face it, selling a house by yourself can get pretty complicated. Understanding the ins and outs can be incredibly difficult if not impossible when you’re going at it alone. This is where Sold ASAP comes in. We pride ourselves in giving you the best experience possible – from start to finish.

We don’t throw out an offer and hope you say yes, we actively work towards understanding your situation. Our diligence and attention to detail allow us to structure a deal that puts the most money in your pocket. So go ahead, send in your information today. One of our highly trained team members is on stand-by ready to answer any questions you might have.

1. Send in your information

Give us a call or fill out the form above! One of our team members will gladly answer and speak with you about your situation.

2. We can meet at your property

We will discuss your situation in more detail and structure a deal that that puts the most money in your pocket.

3. Closing the deal

If our offer works for you, we can close on a timescale that suits you. Be it a few weeks or 4 months, it all depends on you.

We can help you through most situations.

Regardless of condition

Many real estate agents and rookie investors can be turned away by houses that need extensive repairs. We, on the other hand, have the know-how and manpower to take on large-scale projects. Even if you believe that your house is too far gone, give us a call! We may still be able to help you.

Experience Matters

Don’t be fooled by handwritten, we buy houses fast, signs posted at busy intersections. These bandit signs are usually placed by inexperienced real estate investors looking to make a quick buck. Think about it, most houses are valued in the hundreds of thousands. Are you willing to trust someone who spent $5 on a hastily written sign to give you a fair offer for your house?

Experience matters. The intricacies of real estate transactions cannot be learned in a few seminars. It takes years for a team of dedicated, detail orientated individuals to fully understand the concepts associated with buying and selling real estate. Furthermore, no two transactions are alike — trying to sell a property undergoing foreclosure is a completely different process from simply selling your ugly house.

Our team at Sold ASAP specializes in taking on complex situations that real estate agents and other investors can’t or won’t handle. It’s a given that we can buy your house, what isn’t, is our radical transparency within the industry. We want you to be in control of the process, from start to finish. Not really to sell? no problem. Need a longer option period? you got it. Want to know how your offer was structured? Sure!

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