Equity Partnering Sale

A sale where we share the profits.

Sharing The Profits

Equity partnering involves a homeowner selling us a property with a significant amount of equity available, Typically over 40% equity after repairs. 

We, in turn, sell the property – typically after renovating it – and share the net profits with you, the homeowner.

It Depends On Your Situation

Qualifying for this programs varies greatly according to the individual property, the location, and the amount of renovations that are needed. However, equity partnering is not available for every property; a sufficient amount of equity is needed to make enough profit to justify the transaction.

Equity partnering is an excellent program for homeowners who need to renovate their property in order to get top-dollar but do not have the funds to do so.

Split The Profits

In some cases, we can reinstate the loan and take over the payments going forward. When the property is sold or refinanced in the future, the net profits are split with the homeowner at the time of closing.

There are a wide variety of equity partnering solutions that may be available to you, of course, it all depends on the specific situation. 

This type of sale has a variety of advantages for the homeowner:

  • Help the homeowner get more money from the sale
  • Save them from foreclosure
  • Take away the responsibility of having to repair and upgrade the home

The downside to this strategy is that the homeowner has to wait until the house gets sold or refinanced to get any money.

Send In Your Information. You Have Nothing To Lose.

If equity partnering sounds like something that would work for you, give us a call. We will explore possible equity partnering solution available to your specific situation.

Common questions about Equity Partnering Sale

Can I do equity partnering on a property with no equity?

No, the partnership can only be justified if there is enough equity for both parties to benefit equally. 

What if I’m behind on payments?

You can do equity partnering even if you are behind on payments. One of the stipulations being that there has to be a sizable amount of equity available.  

How is the net profit calculated and shared?

Net profit is the total amount the house sells for minus expenses. We split these with you 50/50.

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