Property Swapping Sale.

Buying and selling a house simultaneously.

As Simple As It Sounds

A property swapping sale can be very useful for homeowners who need to sell but have poor credit and little to no equity in their home. This strategy involves a homeowner selling or deeding their property to us and we, in turn, sell or deed a separate property to them. 

The purchase of the property is done through owner financing, which means that the costs of selling:

  • commissions
  • closing costs
  • repairs

Would all be taken care of by the buyer, not the seller.

Not A Solution For Every Situation

The downside to property swapping is that it can take us some time to find a new home that suits the homeowner’s needs. Aside from finding the perfect new home, the seller must be willing to sell their home with owner financing – which they may not always be willing to do.

Sold ASAP May Be Able To Help

If property swapping sounds like an attractive option for you, give us a call. We have worked with many buyers and sellers over the years and will work diligently to find a property that suits your needs. 

Common questions about Property Swapping Sale

Am I limited to my new home's price?

If you don’t want to have a mortgage on the new property, you will have to choose a property that is under the amount that you will be receiving from your existing home. 

I wanted to sell my house but had nowhere to go. You guys helped me get another great house with my bad credit. You’re awesome!

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