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In a cash sale there is no need to jump through all the hoops that a typical lender would ask from a borrower: loan applications, approvals, inspections, appraisals, etc. Processes that can take months to complete. 

When we purchase a house for cash, we take care of all of the closing costs, back payments, liens, taxes – anything it takes to complete the purchase quickly. A traditional buyer with financing will usually take 45 to 60 days to complete a purchase. Most of this time is spent on the lender completing the procedures described above.

If a buyer is financing the purchase of your house, many times their lender will require certain repairs to be done on the house prior to approving the loan. Anyone that has ever sold a house can tell you that requested repairs can get out of hand and become very expensive. An advantage of selling to Sold ASAP is that we buy the house “As-Is.” Sellers don’t need to worry about paying for any repairs or making repairs themselves. 

Homeowners must understand that selling your house cash to us means that there are a lot of costs that we have to incur in order to purchase it: typically 20% to 30% of its retail value. These are called “carrying costs,” and are factored into our purchase offer. Although this means our offer won’t reflect a retail price – sellers do have that advantage of not having to pay real estate commissions, closings costs, repairs, transfer fees, and the like. This translates to savings of tens of thousands of dollars. 

If a homeowner has a significant amount of equity in their home and needs cash fast, this is an excellent option. If a homeowner does not have too much equity in their home or does not have the need for cash right away, then there are probably better options to put more money in their pocket. Call us and we will be able to explore every possibility.

Common questions about Traditional Listing Sale

How fast can I get my cash?

It depends. It can be as little as 1 day or it can take longer when there are title (ownership) issues.

Does everyone on the deed have to agree to the sale?

Yes. Except if a seller has a divorce decree or other agreement allowing them to sell the property unilaterally (on their own).

Will you get me the highest offer?

The highest offer may not net you the most money; our goal is to net you the most money possible in any circumstance.

Why should I sell to Sold ASAP?

If the fast cash sale doesn’t put the most money in your pocket, we will present the best options available to your situation that do.

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