Mortgage Payment Assignment Sale

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When a homeowner sells us their home using a mortgage payment assignment, they are assigning us their mortgage at the time of purchase.

  • payments
  • interest rate
  • amount owed
  • and scheduled payments

will all remain the same. In essence – we are taking over the mortgage payments.

Getting Out Of A Tight Situation

The advantage of selling through a mortgage payment assignment is that the property can sell almost immediately, with no money out-of-pocket from the homeowner. As opposed to a traditional listing that can take months to complete and cost tens of thousands of dollars in commissions and closing costs.

It is an excellent option for those facing foreclosure, are underwater on their mortgage, or have little to no equity in their house.

It Benefits The Seller

unlike a short sale, a mortgage assignment sale will not hurt your credit score. Quite the contrary – When the loan is re-established and the payments are once again made on time, the homeowner’s credit score will reflect that a positive light. 

A Calculated Risk

Selling a property through a mortgage payment assignment can be risky. This is because the seller’s name remains on the mortgage until we refinance the loan, pay it off completely, or resell the property. Although not appropriate for most people, a mortgage payment assignment is a good alternative to a short sale or a foreclosure. 

Common questions about Mortgage Payment Assignment

Will I make any money if I sell my house through a mortgage payment assignment?

It depends on the amount of equity in the house. If the property has negative equity, then no. If the house has a significant amount of equity, a wrap-around sale or owner financing sale may put the most money in your pocket.

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