Maintain Control

When a homeowner sells us their house through an owner financed sale, they essentially become our bank. It involves the homeowner creating a loan for the property with us; the terms of this loan, including the monthly payment and interest, are all established at the point of sale.

Get The Most Money In Your Pocket

Properties sold with owner financing in place have premium interest rates, usually 2-6% higher than that of banks. A premium interest rate gives you, the seller, a much better return than a traditional sale. This type of sale also helps boost the seller’s credit rating, as the existing mortgage on the home is paid on time every month.

The tradeoff is that instead of cashing out their property’s equity all at once – like in a traditional sale – the homeowner will get it in the form of monthly payments.

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Common questions about Owner Financing Sale

What paperwork must I complete in order to “become the bank?”

The paperwork is hefty, but you don’t need to worry as we have a team of attorneys ready to put everything together. 

Send in your information today. Sold ASAP will work with you to determine what strategy can put the most money in your pocket!