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Depends On Your Situation

If a homeowner has some amount of equity in their home, but does not want to or cannot sell it right away, a great option is a lease-option sale.

In a lease-option sale, the homeowner leases us their property for a set amount of time and gives us the option to buy the house at a predetermined price during that time frame. This lease is typically a few years in length.

How The Process Works

We will give a non-refundable down payment to the homeowner as a fee for the option to buy the house.

A lease-option sale is a great strategy if a homeowner is trying to sell for a price that cannot be justified by the current market. It helps put money in the homeowner’s pocket during the period of the lease, as the rents we pay are over the amount necessary to cover:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Taxes due
  • Insurance on the property

Consider A Lease Option With Us

If you have ever considered renting your house, consider a lease-option with us, Sold ASAP. It will save you from having to screen tenants, collect rents, and evict tenants if they fail to pay. You will also save on the costs of maintaining the home, as we will take over all the responsibilities at signing. 

Common questions about Lease-Option Sale

Is the property deeded over during the option period?

No, the property is only deeded if the property after the purchase is finalized at the end or during the lease period. 

Can the option be terminated?

No, once the lease-option period begins, it must be completed.

What if tenants damage my property?

In the event that we decide not to exercise our purchase option, we will return the property back to you in the same or better condition.

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