Traditional Listing Sale

Perfect for those with equity, time and money.

Best Option For Most Homeowners

If a homeowner does not have the need for cash right away, has plenty of equity, and has money to make any needed repairs – we recommend you list your house on the market with a licensed Realtor®.

A traditional listing sale is perfect for those with enough equity to cover the typical costs associated with the sale of a property (commissions, repairs, closing costs, etc.) and can wait the time necessary to close the sale (12 months on average nationwide).

Although Sold ASAP is not a broker, we purchase in volume and have an extensive relationship with the best Realtors® in the industry.

We will gladly refer you to someone that we trust.

Common questions about Traditional Listing Sale

Can any real estate agent help with non-traditional strategies listed on this site?

It is unlikely; very few real estate agents are trained in these techniques.

Why is there such a big difference in the quality of real estate agents from one to the next?

Some real estate agents focus on commercial properties, others on leasing and property management, the bulk of them are trained in retail real estate – none of which is any use to you if you would like to use any of the techniques Sold ASAP can offer. 

In fairness, are you a better buyer than others?

Hands down! We use licensed real estate agents, do the entire process by the book and we are the only ones who will put the most money in your pocket!

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