Steady, Monthly Income

A wrap-around mortgage sale is a great option for a homeowner to sell their home to us and put a paycheck in their pocket each month. This type of sale will put the most money in a seller’s pocket if their home has a good amount of equity. 

Combining Strategies

A wrap-around mortgage sale is a combination of a mortgage payment assignment and an owner financed sale, where an entirely new mortgage is created. This newly created loan “wraps around” the existing loan of the seller.

This means that the difference between the new monthly mortgage payment and the existing monthly mortgage payment is cash that goes in the seller’s pocket each month. 

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Common questions about Wrap-Around Mortgage Sale

How long does a wrap-around mortgage sale take?

This type of sale can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks.

You have so much more knowledge than all the traditional real estate agents that I have worked with in the past. You really did have my best interest in mind when I sold you my house!